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The Most Popular Paved Driveway Types.

Nov 29

The Most Popular Paved Driveway Types.


There are many driveway finishes and materials that you can choose from, depending on how much upkeep you are willing to put into it.


  • Driveways made from poured concrete


Because they are durable and low-maintenance, poured concrete driveways are very popular driveway paving in Chesapeake. Concrete can also be poured in sections or patterns that allow it to contract and expand. Concrete driveways cost more than asphalt, but they can last decades without cracking.

  • Driveways made of Paved Asphalt


Asphalt driveways are popular for their durability and long-lasting appeal. Asphalt paving must be sealed over time. Therefore, it is necessary to add maintenance costs. Asphalt driveways that are properly installed can last thirty years or more.

  • Driveways with Stamped Concrete


Concrete driveways can be made from plain concrete or stamped concrete. Stamped concrete driveways have the appearance of being made out of stone, brick, or another building material. Concrete is made from stamped molds that are applied to it while it's still setting. Stamped concrete is great for interior flooring, driveways, patios, highways, as well as for driveways.

  • Pavers that are interlocking


Interlocking Pavers are made from concrete or cement and can be used to connect pavers of similar types. These pavers are easy to install and do not require mortar. The interlocking pavers resemble cobblestone walkways.


The foundation must be strong enough to support interlocking pavers. This will prevent them from shifting and creating cracks. Interlocking pavers could have unique and individual effects by using different color combinations and patterns.


Because pavers are porous and can become stained from oil, tires, or other impurities over time, you will need to pressure wash them.

  • Chip-Sealed Driveway and Tar-and–Chip Driveway


The tar-and-chip or chip-and-chip driveways can be cheaper than asphalt pavement. The driveway will not look as smooth and appealing as other paved driveways.


A chip-sealed driveway begins by laying gravel on top of which hot tar is applied. After the tar has been poured on the gravel base, stones are then placed on top.


Although colored stones can be used to enhance the tar and chip driveway's finish, they may tend to loosen with time. Tar-and-chip driveways cost less to resurface as compared to asphalt driveways and require less care. It does not need to be sealed. A lighter tint will absorb more heat and make it more comfortable to walk on during the summer.

  • Aggregate Exposure


Exposure aggregate is the hottest trend in finished driveways. Exposed aggregate can be found in a variety of sizes, colors, and shades. It will create a unique, attractive driveway that will match the rest of your property.


The most popular driveway finish is the exposed aggregate. It creates a nonslip sealed surface that needs little to no maintenance and can last more than a decade.


Exposed aggregate is formed by mixing unique aggregates that have been exposed to the surface with specific concrete mixes. The driveway polish reveals the concrete surface's smooth-textured stones and pebbles.


The concrete "fines", or very small concrete particles, are visible on smooth concrete surfaces. The typical concrete fines drab grey is only a small part of the surface.


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