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Stamped Concrete Lincoln, NE | How long does stamped concrete last?

Jan 25


Stamped concrete can be used to create a cozy patio, an elegant walkway, or another great feature around your home. This surface option has a long lifespan and is inexpensive, making it an excellent alternative to featureless concrete or pavers. Learn more about the lifespan and advantages of using stamped concrete in your next backyard remodeling project.


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Stamped concrete has a 25-year lifespan when installed and used properly. This is the same expected lifetime as standard concrete because the two are made of the same material. The primary distinction between stamped concrete and standard concrete is that a stamp is pressed into the surface while it is still slightly dry. To avoid uneven application, this process is best performed by professionals.


Your new stamped service, like standard concrete, will require maintenance. In order to enjoy a comfortable patio or other outdoor surfaces for the next 25 years, inquire about maintenance services from your paving team. Sealant and crack repair are preventative maintenance tasks that can provide you with many more years of service.



Not every stamped concrete installation has a 25-year lifespan. Unfortunately, a number of factors can cut that lifespan short:

· Improper installation

· Lack of sealer

· Heavyweights on the surface


Lincoln Concrete Contractors serves Lincoln, NE. As your local concrete contractor, we're proud to provide high-quality concrete and affordable maintenance services so you can enjoy a long-lasting stamped concrete surface.



The durability of stamped concrete is the same as that of traditional concrete. Because of the surface, some designs are more prone to cracking or damage. Some design patterns, for example, maybe a poor choice for a driveway or high traffic areas because the design creates thin edges that are more prone to cracking. Consultation with one of our stamped concrete design specialists can help you choose a stamp design that will work well with the surface area, expected traffic in the area, and exposure to the elements.



The sealer used to protect the decorative surface allows stamped concrete designs and colors to last longer than traditional concrete. Stamped concrete can last as long as traditional concrete pours when sealers are used with traditional reinforcement installation practices. When stamped concrete needs to be resealed, it may appear chalky and faded, but it will be restored to its original luster and color when the new sealant is applied, which should be done every three to four years.



Because of the sealant used to protect the stamped design and paint, stamped concrete often lasts longer than standard concrete. Stamped concrete employs the same techniques used in conventional concrete structures to prevent cracking and increase durability’s, such as proper base construction and expansion joints. When stamped concrete needs to be resealed, it may

appear chalky and faded, but when the new sealant is applied, which should be done every three to four years, it will be restored to its original luster and color.




• Moisture Protection

A professionally installed seal coat will protect you from all of these moisture issues. Sealed concrete does not absorb water like unsealed concrete does, allowing it to last longer in harsh weather conditions. This level of moisture protection is required for your outdoor stamped concrete in Overland Park, KS, so make sure your paving team includes it as part of the installation process. Some sealants need to be reapplied every one to three years, so check with your team about the recommended maintenance procedures.


• A less expensive alternative to pavers and bricks

When compared to paver stones or bricks, sealed and stamped concrete is the superior choice for your outdoor project. Pavers and bricks are prone to becoming loose, cracking, and causing an uneven surface. Because of the tripping hazard, they are a risky choice for walkways or patios.


Concrete has the same textured appearance, but it is a single, long-lasting surface. Professionally stamped concrete resembles bricks or natural stones, especially when stained or dyed.



Do you want to make the most of your stamped concrete? Check out these quick tips from our Lincoln, NE stamped concrete company:


• Lincoln Concrete and Paving, for example, can provide you with stamped concrete. Experience ensures that the right tools and techniques are used to install your concrete on your property. We use strategic joint lines to control where future cracking may occur, and we use cutting-edge technology to create beautiful surfaces.


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