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Fremantle Prison

Jul 21

About Fremantle Prison

Fremantle is a historic prison that was used as both an execution site and a holding cell for prisoners. The first transport of convicted criminals arrived in 1850, which gave it its popular name: "Fremantle's Little Australia."

The state government of Western Australia announced that they would embark on a long-term conservation plan for one historic landmark, Fremantle Prison. This convict prison was decommissioned in 1868 and has since seen many changes through the years, such as being used by military forces during World War II before finally coming back under its current ownership, which includes various forms of punishment like executions within its walls!
The future goal? It was to make sure this important site remains preserved so we can continue telling stories from both original inhabitants who were prisoners here but also modern-day Australians whose lives have been shaped Largely thanks to the later generations.

Freemantle prison

What to do in Fremantle Prison

The Australian Convict Sites submission focused on historical interpretation and conservation. The Fremantle Prison has been conserved as a recognised heritage site, with various restoration works undertaken since 1991 to make it even more impressive for visitors today!

Fremantle Prison has been a major source of inspiration for many artists, musicians and writers. Its notable architecture results from extensive restoration works that have gone on since 1991, when it was listed as an Australian Heritage site.
In recent years there have even been new additions to this historic site, such as being granted World Heritage Listing in 2017, which provides us with yet another opportunity -to explore our past!

The topics of the guided tours range from art and history to crime; those on education cover everything such as penal colony life, prison operations etc. The visitor's centre has an informative database with search functions that help you explore this vast region like never before! They also host regular events for school children, including exhibitions or even theme parties in which they serve food cooked right there at Arthur Gorflings Burg jail - not bad huh? And don't forget their popular restaurant called "The Hole In One"

Historic prison

One local company that is involved in this tourist attraction in Perth is:

Name: Patios Perth Elite

Address: 20 Saunders St, Perth WA 6004

Telephone: (08) 6373 2546