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Parliament House

Aug 16

About Parliament House

The seat of the Australian government, the Canberra Parliament building, is also known as simply "Parliament." Located on Capital Hill and enclosing an area called The Triangle (a name given because it's at one corner/apex point between two other major streets), this architecturally beautiful complex houses both Houses: Senate for represented enters from Level 1; House larger chamber lower level where Members conduct meetings which open into debating areas named after past Prime Ministers who've served within their own parties' ministries.

Parliament House is the home of Australian democracy. This 4,700-room hotel contains many areas that are open to public tours, and it's where you'll find one whole room dedicated just to holding debates! The Great Hall has an impressive marble staircase; this leads down into what some people call "the best seats in Sydney" - seats located near windows with incredible views outside of the Botanical Garden or Royal National Park. Next door, there’s also the Senate Chamber which features green decor while reminders Of red colours can be seen throughout the Kids' Day Out program.

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What to do in Parliament House

The Parliament House Art Collection not only includes commissioned (and purchased) portraits of every prime minister, governor-general and president; it also contains other works significant to Australia.

The Parliament House has long been a place for events in Canberra, hosting many of the nation's largest and most important function occasions. The building itself is also home to our Federal Government as well private conferences (both formal or informal), celebrations, meetings with visiting dignitaries - you name it! You can even book an event here that doesn't have anything do with government business; if your plan requires some special accommodations then this venue will be more than happy take care them while still maintaining its reputation among tourists who want nothing but excellence when they visit Australia’s capital city.

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