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Concrete Driveway in West Jordan

May 30

Your driveway should be as valuable to you as any part of your home.

Fences are highly noticeable, and guests will take note when visiting. To keep it looking its best, it is crucial that it remains in good condition.

Leilani Concrete and Landscape offers its residents of West Jordan various driveway options. Our contractors are well-versed in concrete and asphalt installation/maintenance/upkeep services, so you can trust that we will complete this task accurately.

As every home has unique qualities, we understand that every homeowner may require different options when exploring the options for their driveway. Take advantage of our free consultation session to determine which is right for your situation by reaching out to us to set an appointment.


Asphalt Driveways Utah

Asphalt is the go-to material for driveways because of its low maintenance needs and long lifespan - up to 20 years with proper care or more!

Leilani Concrete and Landscape can install your asphalt driveway.

Sealant services from us are also essential in maintaining a driveway, protecting it against weather elements and prolonging its life span.


Concrete Driveways in West Jordan, Utah.

Concrete is another popular material choice for driveways, as it's both durable and requires little upkeep - it could last as long as 30 years with proper care! Concrete may also be competitively priced compared to other material options.

Concrete's durability makes it the go-to material for driveways. It can withstand high traffic without being affected by weather-related damage. When you choose us for your West Jordan concrete driveway project, we pour and finish it according to your specifications.

Our contractors are highly-skilled and knowledgeable professionals. If you are searching for driveway installation at either your residential or commercial property, our team is here to help! They'll collaborate closely with you to find a solution tailored to you. Reach out right now so we can get going on installing it for you.

Our concrete contractor team will gladly install a driveway for you!


Installing a Concrete Driveway in Utah County: Installation Process

Our team is fully capable of installing a concrete driveway. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge to rely on, our concrete contractors in West Jordan have what it takes to get your driveway project underway successfully.

  • Consultation - We will meet to discuss your needs and answer any inquiries that arise.
  • Site Preparation -  Our experts will prepare your installation site by clearing away debris, grading and compaction of soil.
  • Pouring of Concrete - We can pour and finish your concrete to your specifications.
  • Curing Concrete - Before using, concrete should cure for at least 24 hours to achieve full strength and useability.

Installing concrete driveways can be a substantial financial commitment. We offer free consultations in West Jordan and neighboring communities. Get in touch with us now to arrange one!


We Are Your West Jordan Driveway Contractors 

West Jordan residents can count on us as the premier concrete contractors for driveways in West Jordan. Our team consists of highly-skilled and experienced professionals that are committed to providing superior service. Plus, we provide complimentary consultations so that you can make the right choice!

Are you searching for a trustworthy West Jordan concrete contractor to take on your driveway renovation work? Reach out, and we can provide a quote.

At Leilani Concrete and Landscape, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Let us demonstrate what we're capable of today - we look forward to working together!

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