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Rosalind Park

Jul 14

About Rosalind Park

Discover Rosalind Park, a lush oasis nestled within Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Its captivating history traces back to a time when the now-thriving Bendigo Creek was merely a series of pools and billabongs dotting the landscape. Before the arrival of white settlers, the native Dja Dja Wrung people relied on this verdant woodland for sustenance and resources in the arid central Victorian region. Today, the park is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and harmony between nature and civilization.

Discover the captivating history of Rosalind Park, a site that witnessed a remarkable transformation in the 1850s when gold was unearthed, rocketing Bendigo to prominence as the world's richest gold mining region during that era. With its legacy cemented as the seventh richest goldfield globally, remnants of puddling mills, shafts, and mining waste tell the story of a once-prosperous landscape.

Within the heart of this area lies the historic Government Camp precinct, defined in 1852 and still retaining its original 66-acre layout. A stroll through the park reveals traces of the past, including police barracks, a courthouse, a gold office, and various government buildings and offices, all representing the park's rich and influential heritage.


What to do at Rosalind Park

Discover the hidden gem of Bendigo, Rosalind Park - an enchanting oasis in the city's heart. Immerse yourself in its rich history, and marvel at the towering trees, stunning architecture, and captivating landscapes that reflect Bendigo's unique charm. Unwind on lush green lawns, meander through scenic walkways, and uncover timeless relics and captivating displays in the exceptional conservatory. Experience an unforgettable urban retreat at Rosalind Park, Bendigo's premier park.

Discover the versatile Rosalind Park Precinct, a dynamic space nestled between Pall Mall, View Street, Barnard Street, and Park Road. This vibrant area boasts a diverse blend of historic parkland, sports facilities, prestigious schools, and the renowned Ulumbarra theatre. Divided into the captivating Rosalind Park Upper, with its iconic Poppet Head and Queen Victoria Oval, and the enchanting Rosalind Park Lower, adorned with heritage gardens and the culturally rich Chinese Precinct, this precinct offers something for everyone.


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